Innovation. Responsiveness. Practicality. Results.

Our Mission The mission of the lawyers of Chalker Flores, LLP is to provide intellectual property, corporate, business, and litigation legal services of the highest quality. We offer our clients big-firm expertise with boutique service and pricing. Our clients include individual inventors, major universities, and small to large companies and businesses.

Our Approach Chalker Flores, LLP is dedicated to finding innovative and practical solutions to clients’ legal challenges. We endeavor to build relationships with our clients based on trust, openness, integrity, and partnership. We believe in giving individualized attention, and are dedicated to maintaining the highest levels of client service and confidence.

Our experience, combined with our ability to respond quickly to any client need, enables us to help protect our clients’ rights, as well as help protect them from the risk of violating the rights of others. In short, Chalker Flores, LLP is fully equipped to handle virtually any intellectual property, corporate, business or litigation matter for our clients, regardless of complexity or level of expertise required.

Our People The attorneys of Chalker Flores, LLP are highly experienced and talented counselors with a proven track record of service and success. We aggressively identify and meet our clients’ needs, providing superior legal services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Supported by the latest tools and technology, each team member is dedicated to delivering the specific results desired by each and every client.


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