Beware of fraudulent invoices regarding your international patent application or

your international trademark registration!

Fraudulent invoice

This is an example of a fraudulent invoice received by applicants who have filed an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The authors of this fakery even had the gall to include a bogus warning about other requests for payment, to give them an air of legitimacy! Many more examples of such patent-related invitations can be found here: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/warning/pct_warning.html


If you receive a notice like this or one which raises any doubts in your mind:

  • do not pay it!
  • contact us (we do not charge for questions regarding invoices);
  • send a copy of the notification to us if you are unsure;
  • be assured that our foreign associates contact us directly and do not contact our clients for payment of invoices; all invoices will always come from us;
  • alert all colleagues who might receive such notices; and
  • make a complaint to competent government authorities and/or consumer protection groups.

These invoices—which are designed intentionally to look like real invoices from an official source—have nothing to do with the processing of your patent applications or trademark registrations, and the services they purport to provide have no value beyond the services already provided by WIPO or your national or regional office. They are created by unscrupulous companies and individuals who are trying to defraud you into paying fees to them.

WIPO continues to raise awareness about these fraudulent schemes and work with governments to take action against those responsible.

About Chalker Flores, LLP
The mission of the lawyers of Chalker Flores, LLP is to provide intellectual property, corporate, business and litigation legal services of the highest quality. Chalker Flores, LLP is able to offer its clients big-firm expertise with boutique service and pricing. Clients include individual inventors, major national universities and small to large companies and businesses.

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